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I got ripped off again!

But this one was really weird...they went in both cars...dug through the glove compartments (nothing there)...pulled the locking cap off the mercedes wheel...laid it on the front seat of the car...stole the mercedes manual I had on the floorboard...disconnected the battery in the camaro and put it on the floorboard???

The only thing I can think of is that they were making it easier to get them later.

Well...now the cars are locked up like ft. knox!!

I fixed the rear door on the mercedes, so it is all locked up now...

I fixed the hood enough on the camaro...and bent everything out enough to put the battery back in...and lock the hood (I could have swore that the doors were locked on that car)

I think they took one of my new headlights...not exactly sure just yet...have to dig through a few boxes to see if I left it inside for some reason.

They did not take anyting of serious value...like when they took my air compressor and battery charger (that damn thing was 200 bucks)...but it still pisses me off to no end that they fucked with me again. (the lousiville slugger is now by the door instead of in the closet).

Since I was on a roll and working on all my shit...I decided to put tags on the mercedes (it is now legal to drive even though...nevermind)...and while I was at it...I had an idea I wanted to try...

Why not see if I could get tags for the camaro. I have it titled in Washington...but since it had a boo-boo...I never took it to get a smog check.

Well...I don't know if it is my pretty face or charming demeanor (yeaa riiiight)...I guess she forgot to look up that the car has never been smogged...so now I have tags that do not expire until next july on the camaro...hehehehe...im sneaky like that

I think I have a clue on at least what the guy(s) who fucked with the car are...when I was waiting for the bus to go to the courthouse for my tags...a brown mercedes (maybe diesel...its a smaller late 70's-early 80's 124 chassis) stopped in front of the house...but left when i was about to cross the street to check it out. They would be one who needed the manual (I only needed it for checking out the wiring...since I am a super genius about the car and all). the 16" rims with brand new tires would fit on that turd brown piece of crap...but too bad...THEY AINT GETTING MY FUCKING RIMS!

well...work tomorrow...and finally..I feel like I have accomplished a shitload today (paid tons of bills also)...even went for a jog (short one...knee feels a lot better...but still not gonna run a marathon anytime soon)...went to bike shop...won't be ready until Friday (they promised this time...only had it for a month and a half...backordered parts...LOL)

so now I am kicked back with 2 cheezeburgerz and a root beer watching movies till I fall asleep
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