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application is finally in...

been working 12 hour days all week...so today was the day to get shit done.

went to doctor to get my light duty lifted...finally

he is not very thrilled with me when I mentioned I was jogging saying "the 2 month window is the most critical point in your healing...it is weaker than a month ago...blah blah blah"...so he said "Since you are so active, I am going to get you fitted with a knee brace. Wear it as much as possible until October, and then for any sport activities for at least a year"

left the clinic...saw I had a flat on my bike...so walked back up to the bike shop and bought a few tubes (and chain lube)...fixed tire and went back down to the orthopedic place by the clinic and got my knee brace...

THANK GOD FOR INSURANCE!!! When they showed me the price I started to take it off...then they said that insurance will probably cover all...if not, the max I have to pay is 200. Original price is 983 dollars!!!


Its pretty cool looking and light...shouldn't be too bad to wear it...but not under most of my jeans (too tight).

Turned in the application for the mortgage...he perused it and said it will not be a problem...and another place opened up...next door...1100 square feet...2 bedroom...for the same price!!!

the outside looks the same...just 250 square feet bigger...and still has a garage.

This one is bank owned...not a short sale or someone trying to make a few bucks...so I might be able to get a better bargin on this one.

Going to look at it on Sunday...so we will see if it is as nice as the 1 bedroom that I want

well...staying in tonight...might go see the Rev. Horton Heat tomorrow...still debating that...have too much to do around here though
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