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Thats what I get when I get my hopes up...

I finally got all of my VA paperwork in...paid the 1000 earnest money...sounded like I was the first in line for the condo...and the owners (some bank) was ready to deal...

Well...got an e-mail from the real estate agent saying that the building is not VA qualified...and If I want to see if the VA will qualify the building, I need to pay 500 bucks...even if they don't allow the building...I am fucked out of the money.

The pisser is that the ad originally said it was VA/FHA approved...and now its not.

I knew I should have not gotten my hopes up...because I get fucked every damn time things start to go my way.

I am thinking of what to do next...I could go for the 1 bedroom one I originally looked at...nobody is interested yet...and they will pay the money to qualify the building.

but...after seeing the 2 bedroom...well...I really want that...but I don't want to risk the 500...considering I still need to fix my car...need a root canal/crown...and my class reunion is next month...plus they already have 1k of my money.

I am really getting sick of this house/condo buying shit...If I was looking for some expensive house...people would be kissing my ass and jumping through hoops to sell to me in this market...

but since I only want something small and fairly inexpenisve (set a limit of 150k for a place)...nobody seems to give a shit.

My real estate guy is great...took tons of time to show me places...but the mortgage people...the VA...really can't seem to be bothered with me buying a place.

I don't get it...everyone in the government is yelling and screaming for people to stimulate the economy...then the VA (government) just makes it nearly impossible to buy a fucking place...I got something they can stimulate...and it sure as hell isnt my economy.

I think I just need to have a few beers and think this thing through.
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