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Reply to this post by yelling "Words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you.

here are the words I got from Unholypassion :)

punk rock
muscle cars

Beer...well...what can I say about the lovely bread of life known as beer? I love beer...but am very picky about what I usually buy. I will try everything...but usually just get 4 brands (Heineken, Becks, Corona, and Pabst Blue Ribbon). At a bar, I will try to get Manny's Pale Ale if its available (from Georgetown Brewing). When I move into the condo, I am going to try my hand at brewing my own beer :)

Punk Rock...since I first heard the Ramones when I was in 2nd grade...and then a cousin turned me on to the Plasmatics (Wendy O. Williams made me tingly in the nether reigons before I even knew what it was...hehe)a few years later..It has been a large part of my life. I was into mostly LA hardcore bands...then expanded my tastes and got into the clash even more. Have been a Black Flag fan since I heard their first album...and have them all somewhere.

Scooters...well...I have ridden scooters for the better part of 25 years...a little honda spree that a friend had that i would take and bomb around the south side of Abilene...renting old beat up Vespas in Europe and taking all the back roads to small towns to stop in for a beer at a local gasthaus...then finally started buying my own about 6 years ago. I had 5 at one point...but they are all gone. I am planning on buying a vintage next spring to start going to rallys again.

Travelling...everyone knows I love to travel...when I lived in germany...the 4 day weekends were my favorite. Armed with a train ticket and my passport...I would just jump on the train in any direction and find things to do...hanging out in Paris...the salt mines in Austria...coffee shops in Amsterdam (ummm...yea)...sleeping in train stations because I did not have enough money for a hotel and kind of hated hostels. I still love to travel...but do not get to do it quite as much...but another trip to Asia somewhere will be in the cards :)

Muscle Cars...I LOVE cars!!! my first car when I was 15 years old was a 1974 Nova SS with a 4 speed. Kind of beat up...but it was the awsomest car to me. A few years later, i bought a rusted out 67 Chevelle...body looked like hell...but put a stupid motor in it...450 horsepower 327 with 2 holley 4 barrels on a tunnel ram...Manley roller rockers on 2.02 double hump heads...Hooker headers...solid lifter cam and a Powerglide 2 speed automatic with a 3000 stall torque converter. would run a 12.71 in the quarter mile...12 mpg on the highway (at best)...5-8 mpg in town...and 4 passes in the quarter would burn 5 gallons of fuel (yes...5 gallons per mile). It had 11.25 to 1 compression...so I would have to fill up with super unleaded...2 cans of 104 octane...and a can of lead additive. If I had the cash, there was a place out of town that still sold Ethel (about 110 octane)...or would put a tank of Cam II race gas (114 octane)...or talked a friend at an avaiation company to sell me turbo-prop fuel (130 octane). I would run spark plugs designed for 6 cylinder engines because they ran hotter...and would be changing them every 2 weeks. The fastest I took it was about 130-140 (not sure...the speedo stopped at 120)...had plenty of gas left...but my balls were not that big (the car would try to lift off the ground and shake). I would love to have another hot rod or muscle car...and might look into it when everything settles with the new condo.
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