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And I spent my first night in there Saturday night. I went out and bought a new blanket and some pillows Friday night...but something was missing...

It was the 46" Toshiba 1080p 120hz LCD TV and the Blu-Ray player!! hahahaha

Its a total guy thing to buy I know...but when you have over 600 DVD's and a sweet x-box 360...I might as well buy a high quality television for movies and stuff :)

Besides...it was on sale...buy the TV, get the blu ray for free :) (with the super duper extended 4 year warranty...everything came to about 1300 bucks)

I don't have the cables or the interwebs yet...but it will be soons so I can watch the pr0ns and stuffs...hahahahaha

In a minute I am going out to buy new pots and pans and dishes and stuff like that...because I do plan on cooking in there and stop eating TV dinners and take out all the time. My diet at the moment makes the guy from Super Size Me look like a health plan...haha (Thank the gods for my metabolism, or I would be HUGE).

I am hoping to maybe get everything moved this weekend...but very unlikely...so I gave myself until the 20th of December to get it all done (thats when the electricity is getting turned off)

I tried to have a small party with a few people I hang out with...but some people did not tell others...so it just ended up being me watching the new Star Trek on the TV and a few frozen pizzas :)

When I get everything moved in...I plan on having a better party...anyone want to come?
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