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Sunday, December 5th, 2010
5:52 am - long time...
no clue what to say...i have bronchitis right now...have hardcore antibiotics that I am supposed to take...but I think that is cancelled tonight/this morning because of the beer I have consumed...

I finally...after all the years that docs have told me...resigned the fact that I do have asthma...and I thought it was my chain smoking that made me breathe like a 90 year old...haha

I don't have all the tests done yet...but they found the pneumonia I had sometime in my past (I have no clue...I am guessing it was from an army thing in the early 90's in a place where...ummm...ill leave it at that)...a wheeze when I take a deep breath...etc...

I have been on the inhaler for one day and fuck!!! do normal people get this much oxygen? I don't have the jitters or anything like that...but I am currently smoking...not coughing...and can take a deep breath without coughing up a lung...albuterol is my best friend at the moment...LOL

now if i could quit smoking...its 8 bucks a pack here

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Sunday, March 14th, 2010
7:24 am - still not much to say...
still less than halfway unpacked for house...gonna see my old high school stalker next month...'sploded my laptop friday so bought a new desktop that costs wayyy more than I should have spent (all of my computers cost more than your average hyaundi...but only one works)...but it really sweet (intel i5, 8gig ram, 1TB hard drive)...benz finally sold and I still feel like shit because I sold it for so cheap...using facebook a ton...brewing my own beer...trying to quit smoking (6 days right now...and the patch itches like a mofo for the first hour)...on a new crew at work better than the last...but not much...

ok...I guess there is a lot...but I don't like to talk as much anymore...haven't had a reason to...or anyone to talk to for that matter

current mood: contemplative

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3:12 am - since I haven't been here in a while...
My Interests Collage!Collapse )

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Sunday, January 10th, 2010
11:14 pm - havent had much to say...
even though I have been doing tons.

We had our usual christmas shut down at work...and I spent all that time running back and forth from my old apartment into the new house. I got everything in here about 11:00 PM on the 27th and left a destroyed apartment...hehe (i was there for 5 years...it needed a carpet, paint, and a bathtub when i moved in)

I have everything in here...bought a ton of new stuff to fill (proudest investment...46" LCD flat screen and blu-ray player)...but still have most of it to unpack and organize.

My mercedes is still not sold...a few buyers backed out at the last minute with some lame excuses...so it is sitting in my driveway and the camaro is in the garage.

I received a suprise check for about 400 bucks from my aunt for my grandfathers tax returns and residuals from some commercials he did...and a letter that says I am going to inherit a nice sum within the next few months (not enough to retire...haha...but that and the home buyers tax credit will pay off nearly every single credit card and bank loan i have)

I started brewing my own beer and hard cider last week...it should be ready to bottle within the next 3 days...so in 3 weeks I should have 2 gallons of hard cider and 2 gallons of IPA

I am working at quitting smoking...and actually doing quite well minus a few slips last week (in my defense I was working 12+ hour days and was burned out). Hopefully soon no more cigarettes for me...just my hookah every once in a while :)

When I get everything settled in and put away and presentable...there will be festivities at my house if anyone is interested :)

might be clothing optional, might not...depends on how much beer is bought...hahahaha

current mood: bouncy

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Monday, November 23rd, 2009
10:08 am - FINALLY GOT IT!!
And I spent my first night in there Saturday night. I went out and bought a new blanket and some pillows Friday night...but something was missing...

It was the 46" Toshiba 1080p 120hz LCD TV and the Blu-Ray player!! hahahaha

Its a total guy thing to buy I know...but when you have over 600 DVD's and a sweet x-box 360...I might as well buy a high quality television for movies and stuff :)

Besides...it was on sale...buy the TV, get the blu ray for free :) (with the super duper extended 4 year warranty...everything came to about 1300 bucks)

I don't have the cables or the interwebs yet...but it will be soons so I can watch the pr0ns and stuffs...hahahahaha

In a minute I am going out to buy new pots and pans and dishes and stuff like that...because I do plan on cooking in there and stop eating TV dinners and take out all the time. My diet at the moment makes the guy from Super Size Me look like a health plan...haha (Thank the gods for my metabolism, or I would be HUGE).

I am hoping to maybe get everything moved this weekend...but very unlikely...so I gave myself until the 20th of December to get it all done (thats when the electricity is getting turned off)

I tried to have a small party with a few people I hang out with...but some people did not tell others...so it just ended up being me watching the new Star Trek on the TV and a few frozen pizzas :)

When I get everything moved in...I plan on having a better party...anyone want to come?

current mood: bouncy

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Friday, November 6th, 2009
6:31 pm - long time...
haven't had much to say on here...been fighting with banks over my soon to be condo...

I am overqualified for the place...the mortgage is only 25 dollars more than my rent...but the first mortgage company I went through said "no"...no reason...just NO.

brought everything over to my regular bank...they said no problem...so maybe I will have the keys next week.

I am still not holding my breath on it though...I have been fighting for this fucking place for over 3 months now...I am fed up. Its not like I am buying a damn mansion...its a fucking condo for only 146k...

Until I have the keys...I won't really say if it is mine or not.

Some other stuff is going on...but that will be friends only me thinks...

current mood: contemplative

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Saturday, October 3rd, 2009
7:20 pm - words...
Reply to this post by yelling "Words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you.

here are the words I got from Unholypassion :)

punk rock
muscle cars

Beer...well...what can I say about the lovely bread of life known as beer? I love beer...but am very picky about what I usually buy. I will try everything...but usually just get 4 brands (Heineken, Becks, Corona, and Pabst Blue Ribbon). At a bar, I will try to get Manny's Pale Ale if its available (from Georgetown Brewing). When I move into the condo, I am going to try my hand at brewing my own beer :)

Punk Rock...since I first heard the Ramones when I was in 2nd grade...and then a cousin turned me on to the Plasmatics (Wendy O. Williams made me tingly in the nether reigons before I even knew what it was...hehe)a few years later..It has been a large part of my life. I was into mostly LA hardcore bands...then expanded my tastes and got into the clash even more. Have been a Black Flag fan since I heard their first album...and have them all somewhere.

Scooters...well...I have ridden scooters for the better part of 25 years...a little honda spree that a friend had that i would take and bomb around the south side of Abilene...renting old beat up Vespas in Europe and taking all the back roads to small towns to stop in for a beer at a local gasthaus...then finally started buying my own about 6 years ago. I had 5 at one point...but they are all gone. I am planning on buying a vintage next spring to start going to rallys again.

Travelling...everyone knows I love to travel...when I lived in germany...the 4 day weekends were my favorite. Armed with a train ticket and my passport...I would just jump on the train in any direction and find things to do...hanging out in Paris...the salt mines in Austria...coffee shops in Amsterdam (ummm...yea)...sleeping in train stations because I did not have enough money for a hotel and kind of hated hostels. I still love to travel...but do not get to do it quite as much...but another trip to Asia somewhere will be in the cards :)

Muscle Cars...I LOVE cars!!! my first car when I was 15 years old was a 1974 Nova SS with a 4 speed. Kind of beat up...but it was the awsomest car to me. A few years later, i bought a rusted out 67 Chevelle...body looked like hell...but put a stupid motor in it...450 horsepower 327 with 2 holley 4 barrels on a tunnel ram...Manley roller rockers on 2.02 double hump heads...Hooker headers...solid lifter cam and a Powerglide 2 speed automatic with a 3000 stall torque converter. would run a 12.71 in the quarter mile...12 mpg on the highway (at best)...5-8 mpg in town...and 4 passes in the quarter would burn 5 gallons of fuel (yes...5 gallons per mile). It had 11.25 to 1 compression...so I would have to fill up with super unleaded...2 cans of 104 octane...and a can of lead additive. If I had the cash, there was a place out of town that still sold Ethel (about 110 octane)...or would put a tank of Cam II race gas (114 octane)...or talked a friend at an avaiation company to sell me turbo-prop fuel (130 octane). I would run spark plugs designed for 6 cylinder engines because they ran hotter...and would be changing them every 2 weeks. The fastest I took it was about 130-140 (not sure...the speedo stopped at 120)...had plenty of gas left...but my balls were not that big (the car would try to lift off the ground and shake). I would love to have another hot rod or muscle car...and might look into it when everything settles with the new condo.

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Saturday, September 26th, 2009
10:19 pm - bankers and condos...
Well...yesterday I had a meeting with my real estate agent...but he could not make it, so I sat down with my banker...


Now its just up to the bank...and more signatures...and then I get my shiny brand new place :)

Its a lot more than I wanted to spend...but a VERY good investment

its a 2 bedroom 1.5 bath with a garage...and 3 stories tall :)

The cool part...I get the 8000 dollar first time home buyers thing next year :)

It will be a bit of a struggle until I get that check (using it to pay off some loans and credit cards)...but after that...no sweat :)

besides...its only about 300 a month more than I pay now (my mortgage, taxes, and housing fees come to about 1100 a month)

big party at my place when I get it!!!!!

current mood: bouncy

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Thursday, September 17th, 2009
7:45 pm - update...
luggage just showed up...

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7:02 pm - I am in beautiful downtown Abilene Texas!!!
OK...not downtown...southside by the mall...nicer neighborhood...


Class reunion my ummm...yes...it ends with a zero

bang up day so far...got an hour sleep before the flight...an hour on the plane...ride forgot about the change of plans (sister)...Joe picked me up...

he did...picked me up...went bar hopping...minus luggage!

thats right...the airline lost my fucking suitcase!!!

I have my laptop...i-pod...cell phone...the clothes I am wearing and a jacket

they said "you changed airlines to fly here...don't worry, it happens all the time"

the lady said it would be back tonight...so far not yet.....

I am so fucked if that is the situation...all my clothes...phone charger...watch...chelsea boots...suit...


well...Joe is coming by to take me bar hopping...so maybe I will forget about it all (and knowing my old friends here...pretty much everything else)

current mood: pissed off

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Saturday, September 5th, 2009
3:17 pm - yet another condo...
All the places that I liked (and in my price range) were all shot down by the VA.

One place...while I am not totally in love with it...isn't too bad...and the garage is HUGE for a 1 car...and one of the few places that the VA have actually approved.

It is the smartest investment though...its brand new...all new appliances...the entire building is about 2 months old...

I put my bid in on it today...and it should go through.

Its kind of sweet...I read some stuff today that the 8000 tax break for first time buyers is not a discount on next years taxes...they send you a check in 7 weeks or something like that :)

current mood: bored

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Friday, August 28th, 2009
11:27 pm - hmmmmmmm
paid for the ticket to my class reunion (95 bucks)....check
bought plane ticket to Abilene (450 bucks)...check
Hotel reservations (400 bucks for 4 nights)...check

Now...WHY THE FUCK AM I DOING THIS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Granted...I get to see my sister and her family that I have not seen in forever....and someone I have known for over 30 years that I have not seen in about 13...

but...WHY THE FUCK AM I DOING THIS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I graduated high school with barely an honarable mention...my grades sucked...LOL...in a class of 461...I was number 400!

I did not hang out with the people that would put this party on...they would probably not know my name if it was not on my credit card when I paid the cash to go...

again..."WHY THE FUCK AM I DOING THIS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?"

I think I made a huge mistake...but...I get to see my nephew play football on a Saturday morning

what was I thinking?? Was I planning on impressing them? fat chance....I went to a "privledged" school by living in the "right" neighborhood....and that did not matter then.

I was still a "blue collar punk"...my dad threw wrenches for a living...and I used to do it too (want to again...but...the economy and all)

I don't know how I am supposed to be.

Everyone knows I am an asshole....but in high school...I was not quite as extreme...

I was somewhat polite... you could even say I was "friendly"... (thank god i learned my lesson)

well...not much of a choice now...ticket is bought...time for the ride

current mood: contemplative

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Saturday, August 15th, 2009
1:37 pm - condo stuffs...
well...my real estate agent is still on the ball with the other place...but I have a sinking feeling that it is a dead end. The VA will probably not approve the complex...which means no condo for me there *sigh*...

If I pay 450 bucks...they will come out and inspect it...but if they don't approve it...then I am screwed out of the money.

But...this place just opened up...


This actually might be a better deal than the other one I was looking at. Its a lot smaller (850 sq. ft)...but its brand spankin' new...housing fees are 50 bucks less...and its a lot closer to stores (across the street from Albertsons)

I also get a kick for some reason that its 3 stories tall...hehe

The real estate guy is booked up this weekend...but I might swing by there this afternoon or tomorrow just to look at the outside

I am kind of torn right now...the other place I like a little more because of the 2 patios, fireplace...and the awsome 18' tall ceilings...it's hard to explain why I like it...it just has a more "home" feeling if that makes any sense...

But the other place...everything is brand new...no worries on things breaking down right away...easier access to stores (and Madison Street Pub)...tough call...

Well...back to loading cd's into i-tunes...waiting for my headache to go away

current mood: contemplative

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Friday, August 7th, 2009
8:55 pm - figures...
Thats what I get when I get my hopes up...

I finally got all of my VA paperwork in...paid the 1000 earnest money...sounded like I was the first in line for the condo...and the owners (some bank) was ready to deal...

Well...got an e-mail from the real estate agent saying that the building is not VA qualified...and If I want to see if the VA will qualify the building, I need to pay 500 bucks...even if they don't allow the building...I am fucked out of the money.

The pisser is that the ad originally said it was VA/FHA approved...and now its not.

I knew I should have not gotten my hopes up...because I get fucked every damn time things start to go my way.

I am thinking of what to do next...I could go for the 1 bedroom one I originally looked at...nobody is interested yet...and they will pay the money to qualify the building.

but...after seeing the 2 bedroom...well...I really want that...but I don't want to risk the 500...considering I still need to fix my car...need a root canal/crown...and my class reunion is next month...plus they already have 1k of my money.

I am really getting sick of this house/condo buying shit...If I was looking for some expensive house...people would be kissing my ass and jumping through hoops to sell to me in this market...

but since I only want something small and fairly inexpenisve (set a limit of 150k for a place)...nobody seems to give a shit.

My real estate guy is great...took tons of time to show me places...but the mortgage people...the VA...really can't seem to be bothered with me buying a place.

I don't get it...everyone in the government is yelling and screaming for people to stimulate the economy...then the VA (government) just makes it nearly impossible to buy a fucking place...I got something they can stimulate...and it sure as hell isnt my economy.

I think I just need to have a few beers and think this thing through.

current mood: pissed off

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Wednesday, August 5th, 2009
10:47 pm - my new favorite band...

too bad they don't exist...LOL (except for anime and a live action movie)

If you translate the lyrics...well...ummm...its pretty bad...haha

I think I will shop for the dvd's on this over the weekend :)

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Sunday, July 26th, 2009
11:17 pm - long time no post...
but haven't had anything interesting to say lately...still waiting on whats up with the condo...waiting for VA paperwork...working insane amounts of overtime (sweet paychecks though)...partied with the neighbors Friday night (interesting to say the least...hehe)

One thing...I have no clue why...its not very funny...but I am addicted to a comic I found while looking up a video game that was supposed to be out already (Brutal Legend!!! Finally in October!!)

Well...a few of the people working on the video game make small comic strips that they put on their website...and I am getting a kick out of this one...


I am just stoked about the video game...Its about the worlds greatest roadie (voiced by Jack Black) who dripped blood on a cursed belt buckle...and ends up in a world that gives Gives Ronnie James Dio boners...LOL...guitars that shoot flames...hot rods...a great way to waste a few hours with the x-box...haha

well...work tomorrow...I really should be getting some zzz's since my alarm will go off in about 5 hours...LOL

current mood: bored

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Friday, July 10th, 2009
10:40 pm - application is finally in...
been working 12 hour days all week...so today was the day to get shit done.

went to doctor to get my light duty lifted...finally

he is not very thrilled with me when I mentioned I was jogging saying "the 2 month window is the most critical point in your healing...it is weaker than a month ago...blah blah blah"...so he said "Since you are so active, I am going to get you fitted with a knee brace. Wear it as much as possible until October, and then for any sport activities for at least a year"

left the clinic...saw I had a flat on my bike...so walked back up to the bike shop and bought a few tubes (and chain lube)...fixed tire and went back down to the orthopedic place by the clinic and got my knee brace...

THANK GOD FOR INSURANCE!!! When they showed me the price I started to take it off...then they said that insurance will probably cover all...if not, the max I have to pay is 200. Original price is 983 dollars!!!


Its pretty cool looking and light...shouldn't be too bad to wear it...but not under most of my jeans (too tight).

Turned in the application for the mortgage...he perused it and said it will not be a problem...and another place opened up...next door...1100 square feet...2 bedroom...for the same price!!!

the outside looks the same...just 250 square feet bigger...and still has a garage.

This one is bank owned...not a short sale or someone trying to make a few bucks...so I might be able to get a better bargin on this one.

Going to look at it on Sunday...so we will see if it is as nice as the 1 bedroom that I want

well...staying in tonight...might go see the Rev. Horton Heat tomorrow...still debating that...have too much to do around here though

current mood: contemplative

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Monday, June 22nd, 2009
7:58 pm - Shit...
I got ripped off again!

But this one was really weird...they went in both cars...dug through the glove compartments (nothing there)...pulled the locking cap off the mercedes wheel...laid it on the front seat of the car...stole the mercedes manual I had on the floorboard...disconnected the battery in the camaro and put it on the floorboard???

The only thing I can think of is that they were making it easier to get them later.

Well...now the cars are locked up like ft. knox!!

I fixed the rear door on the mercedes, so it is all locked up now...

I fixed the hood enough on the camaro...and bent everything out enough to put the battery back in...and lock the hood (I could have swore that the doors were locked on that car)

I think they took one of my new headlights...not exactly sure just yet...have to dig through a few boxes to see if I left it inside for some reason.

They did not take anyting of serious value...like when they took my air compressor and battery charger (that damn thing was 200 bucks)...but it still pisses me off to no end that they fucked with me again. (the lousiville slugger is now by the door instead of in the closet).

Since I was on a roll and working on all my shit...I decided to put tags on the mercedes (it is now legal to drive even though...nevermind)...and while I was at it...I had an idea I wanted to try...

Why not see if I could get tags for the camaro. I have it titled in Washington...but since it had a boo-boo...I never took it to get a smog check.

Well...I don't know if it is my pretty face or charming demeanor (yeaa riiiight)...I guess she forgot to look up that the car has never been smogged...so now I have tags that do not expire until next july on the camaro...hehehehe...im sneaky like that

I think I have a clue on at least what the guy(s) who fucked with the car are...when I was waiting for the bus to go to the courthouse for my tags...a brown mercedes (maybe diesel...its a smaller late 70's-early 80's 124 chassis) stopped in front of the house...but left when i was about to cross the street to check it out. They would be one who needed the manual (I only needed it for checking out the wiring...since I am a super genius about the car and all). the 16" rims with brand new tires would fit on that turd brown piece of crap...but too bad...THEY AINT GETTING MY FUCKING RIMS!

well...work tomorrow...and finally..I feel like I have accomplished a shitload today (paid tons of bills also)...even went for a jog (short one...knee feels a lot better...but still not gonna run a marathon anytime soon)...went to bike shop...won't be ready until Friday (they promised this time...only had it for a month and a half...backordered parts...LOL)

so now I am kicked back with 2 cheezeburgerz and a root beer watching movies till I fall asleep

current mood: pissed off

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Monday, June 15th, 2009
2:24 am - remember JFA??
the jodie fosters army....total skate rock...

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Sunday, June 14th, 2009
11:25 pm - me playing with my camera...and the Mercedes

I actually made this screwing around...but tomorrow I might go for more speed...hehe...and I was going 40 in less than 75 yards...not too shabby for a diesel

current mood: bouncy

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