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havent had much to say...

even though I have been doing tons.

We had our usual christmas shut down at work...and I spent all that time running back and forth from my old apartment into the new house. I got everything in here about 11:00 PM on the 27th and left a destroyed apartment...hehe (i was there for 5 years...it needed a carpet, paint, and a bathtub when i moved in)

I have everything in here...bought a ton of new stuff to fill (proudest investment...46" LCD flat screen and blu-ray player)...but still have most of it to unpack and organize.

My mercedes is still not sold...a few buyers backed out at the last minute with some lame excuses...so it is sitting in my driveway and the camaro is in the garage.

I received a suprise check for about 400 bucks from my aunt for my grandfathers tax returns and residuals from some commercials he did...and a letter that says I am going to inherit a nice sum within the next few months (not enough to retire...haha...but that and the home buyers tax credit will pay off nearly every single credit card and bank loan i have)

I started brewing my own beer and hard cider last week...it should be ready to bottle within the next 3 days...so in 3 weeks I should have 2 gallons of hard cider and 2 gallons of IPA

I am working at quitting smoking...and actually doing quite well minus a few slips last week (in my defense I was working 12+ hour days and was burned out). Hopefully soon no more cigarettes for me...just my hookah every once in a while :)

When I get everything settled in and put away and presentable...there will be festivities at my house if anyone is interested :)

might be clothing optional, might not...depends on how much beer is bought...hahahaha
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